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Diversity Means Project

The purpose of the “Diversity Means...” Project & Exhibit is to encourage Windsorites of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to think about what “diversity means” to them, and share that meaning through artistic expression.
Our organization will invite people from the many diverse cultural groups in the city to a series of community sessions where they will be asked to finish the statement “diversity means...” by creating a work of art in a medium of their choice (paint, poetry, photography, etc.).  Participants will have access to local artists who will provide guidance during the session, helping them to express their creativity and imagination through their desired art form. The community sessions, the local artists, and the materials (i.e. paint, canvas, etc.), will be provided to participants free-of-charge. For those who wish to participate, but may be uncomfortable with the interactive aspect, we will also accept submissions online, or by drop-off, and will protect the privacy of the participant, if requested.  These community sessions will be held at various locations throughout Windsor, strategically selected to reach a large cross-section of our population.    
The “Diversity Means project will:
-providing opportunities for participants to share and showcase their stories, feelings, thoughts and identities through artistic creation.
-bringing diverse cultural groups together, united under a common theme.
-increasing access to local artists by involving them in a creative community process where participants are able to meet them and learn from them; this simultaneously demonstrates to local artists that they are needed here in Windsor, and that opportunities exist for them. 
-enhancing or initiating social interaction between diverse cultural groups and sectors.
-fostering an appreciation for the diversity of cultural roots, genders, ethnicities, etc. that make up our city.
-removing barriers (financial and accessible) to provide an opportunity for participation in the arts from groups and individuals who might not otherwise have been engaged.
-promoting diversity by encouraging respect, acceptance and an appreciation of differences.   
Our project will be accessible in the following ways:
-Community Sessions will be free, held at various times, and held in multiple locations (on or near bus routes) that are accessible.
-Materials will be free, removing financial barriers to participation.
-The final exhibition will be displayed publically, in an accessible location, and made available to other groups afterwards.
Our project brings people together, encourages them to communicate through art, and will result in a new understanding of one another that moves beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each person, and combining to make up a real community. 
If you cannot attend any of the Diversity Means Project  events to send us your photo or poetry submission,
Please email email it to us at