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  • First Lesbian and Gay Pride Day Festival
  • Jim Monk and Diane Skomash are Man and Woman of the Year.


  • Pride Festival held
  • Debra Dumochelle & Barry Adam (Man & Woman of the Year)
  • Founding of Lesbian/Gay Community Council. Its mandate is to: initiate and coordinate activities and provide mutual support among area organizations, respond to concerns of the gay and lesbian community though its member organizations, provide representation for the local gay and lesbian community to the press and to other non-gay organizations, and provide representation to the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario. The member organizations are: AIDS Committee of Windsor, Gay phone line group, Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee, Gay/Lesbian Drop-in Group, Metropolitan Community Church, One in Ten, Out on Campus, Queer Radio, Women's phone line group.


  • Pride Festival held
  • Caroline Carnerie & Steve Lough (Man & Woman of the Year)
  • Pride includes an angry march on the provincial building protesting the failure of Bill 167 which was to recognize same-sex relationships. Windsor MPPs David Cooke, George Dadamo, and Wayne Lessard vote in favour of Bill 167; county MPPs Bruce Crozier and Pat Hayes, against.
  • Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario steering committee hosted in Windsor
  • 7 ad hoc liaison committee meets with police chiefs, Jim Adkin, then John Kousik, to discuss problems in police-community relations.


  • Pride Festival held
  • Jacquie Gahagan & John Shellhorn (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Pride Festival held
  • Ligaya Byrch & David Lyons (Man & Woman of the Year)
  • Federal government adds sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act as ordered by the Supreme Court.


  • Pride Festival held
  • Robin Chamberlain & Reverend Evan LeBlanc (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Windsor Pride reorganizes and succeeds the LGCC
  • Pride Festival held


  • Pride Festival held
  • Liz Chamberlain & Evan LeBlanc (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Paulette Kupnicki & Kirsten Schmidt (Pride Festival Co-Chairs)
  • Kirsten Schmidt & Brent Kulba (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Cory Albert & Paulette Kupnicki (Pride Festival Co-Chairs)
  • Paulette Kupnicki & Chris L. Cecile (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Cory Albert & Chris Cecile (Pride Festival Co-Chairs)
  • Cory Albert & Jim Davies (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Val Pearson & Chris Cecile (Pride Festival Co-Chairs)
  • Hedy Halpern/Colleen Rogers & Alan Sears (Man & Woman of the Year)


  • Windsor Pride Festival cancelled due to lack of funds and community involvement.


  • Windsor Pride Festival is re-organized and held at Charles Clark Square. Robert Vitella (Festival Chair)
  • Bill C-38 passes into law; making Canada the 4th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.


  • Windsor Pride Community incorporated.  Joe McParland, President
  • Festival held at Charles Clark Square.  Dani Bobb, Festival Chair


  • Windsor Pride Community: Marc Dubois, President
  • Windsor Pride Festival held at Riverfront Plaza.  Jason Patterson, Festival Chair


  • Windsor Pride Community: Marc Dubois, President
  • Windsor Pride Festival: Jason Patterson, Chair


  • Windsor Pride Community: Marc Dubois, President
  • Windsor Pride Festival: Jason Patterson, Chairperson


  • Windsor Pride Community: Jason Patterson, President
  • Windsor Pride Festival: David Lenz, Chairperson


  • Windsor Pride Community: Lawrence Lavender, President
  • Windsor Pride Festival: David Lenz, Chairperson
  • Windsor Pride Community separates the festival aspect from its programming, allowing Windsor-Essex Pride Fest to establish itself as a  non-profit organization
  • Windsor-Essex Pride Fest Inc. is incorporated in November 2011

Windsor-Essex Pride Fest Inc. is awarded the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for $120,500 for the following:

  • Hiring of a Business Development Coordinator to raise additional funds for the organization
  • Completion of a survey of the Windsor-Essex Community to gauge the interest of the festival in the Windsor-Essex community.
  • Design and production of the new website
  • Brand Development which includes logo, letterhead, etc

Windsor-Essex Pride Fest partners with Travel Gay Canada and Toursim Windsor-Essex & Pelee Island on LGBT tourism destination initiatives.