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We would like to invite you to sponsorship of the 24th annual Windsor-Essex Pride Fest, a six day celebration to be held August 3-7, 2016. Our organization has planned a number of events/initiatives that strengthen the sense of community and overall contribute to the vibrancy, health and overall well-being of LGBTTQ people in Windsor-Essex as well as raise awareness of continuing issues such as discrimination, bullying, youth suicide and others.

Since its humble beginning as a small march of about 100 people in Windsor back in 1992, the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest which is a registered non-profit organization, has become one of our community’s most anticipated cultural attractions. Now 24 years later, over 5,000 visitors annually, Windsor-Essex Pride Fest continues to promote equality and diversity through a range of fun-filled events created for all to enjoy..

As a sponsor with Windsor-Essex Pride Fest and the local community will help position your business in a dynamic market while building customer loyalty.

  • Expand your business’ demographic reach
  • Create a marketing connection to a brand loyal audience
  • Build relationships with like-minded community leaders
  • Send a positive message to your employees and customers
  • Establish new business opportunities
  • Make a statement about diversity

Windsor-Essex Pride Fest produces an annual festival that includes celebrity entertainment, dynamic community leaders and like-minded political figures who support the LGBTTQ community. Our events are guaranteed to generate a buzz throughout the community. In addition, the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest produces yearly event including comedy nights, wine tours and more. Advertising with the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest is a wonderful reflection on your business.

Your support builds tremendous awareness while paving the way to engender pride for all of Windsor-Essex. Supporting Windsor-Essex Pride Fest demonstrates your business goes deeper than commerce; it truly cares about and supports its local community.

Despite the growing acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Two-Spirit and Questioning (LGBTTQ) community in Canada, the LGBTTQ consumer market remains vastly unexploited relative to its size. A study by the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the National Post pegged the buying power of the LGBTTQ community in Canada at just over $100 billion, which is 10% of the $1 trillion Canadian consumer market. The LGBTTQ market is bigger than any ethnic market in Canada, and is fast approaching the size of the youth market. This market size is particularly striking given that it is based only on the 6% of the Canadian population that currently self-reports as LGBTTQ. However, research suggests that closer to 10% of the population is a member of the LGBTTQ community. Therefore, the current LGBTTQ market is set to grow rapidly as more consumers feel comfortable to publicly identify as being gay.

The value of the LGBTTQ market is high not only because of the sheer number of consumers but also because of the characteristics of these consumers. A majority of gay couples live in a dual income household with no children. As a result, 76% of LGBTTQ household incomes are above the national average, which fuels their high level of disposable income. Because this market has been underserved for so long, companies that have begun appealing to these consumers have found them fiercely brand loyal, further elevating the attractiveness of this market.


  • LGBTTQ consumers are critically aware – they purchase business from companies which demonstrate progressive policies towards LGBTTQ employees and customers
  • LGBTTQ consumers are nearly 3 times more likely to possess a valid passport.
  • Gay consumers, especially younger gay men are leading the charge toward the intersection of social networking and brand interaction with mobile apps. Emerging advertising platforms such as mobile apps and QR tags are gaining noticeable traction and will only become more important.
  • While LGBTTQ focused websites are clearly approaching ‘mainstream’ levels among gay consumers, traditional media channels are still king. Other LGBTTQ media tend to be much more “niche”, with the exception of regional gay print publications which impact a sizable gay male audience.
  • Equality in the workplace and support of LGBTTQ organizations and political causes have the most impact on gay consumers’ buying decisions.
  • Mainstream advertisements that are LGBTTQ inclusive are earning the attention of LGBTTQ consumers

One of the most important benefits that we often hear from sponsors is that they feel that they have made a real difference in the LGBTTQ community in Windsor-Essex. Not only does your sponsorship contribute to the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest but overall it supports local organizations who receive financial funding from the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest through donations/grants to strengthen the vibrancy, health and overall well-being of LGBTTQ persons in Windsor-Essex.

Becoming a partner with the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest provides a tremendous amount of exposure for your business to the LGBTT community and their allies. Each year, the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest is not only a spectacular event for the attendee but also amazing experiences for those who assist in making it happen. Your support builds awareness of the LGBTTQ community to all living in the Windsor-Essex region. Supporting the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest proves that your business goes deeper than commerce.

- LGBTT Canadians are more likely to seek out companies that advertise to them and are willing to pay higher prices for premium products and services .
- 65% prefer products or services from companies that support non-profits or charities serving the LGBTTQ community over competing products or services that
  do not.

Depending on your sponsorship selection, your company logo, links to your homepage, references on social media, email distribution, sponsorship, or advertisements will be seen by a large number of people. In addition, our full-colour Pride Fest program will be extensively distributed throughout the festival and online at

A significant benefit of having a presence with us is your employees are involved in LGBTTQ events/initiatives that put them directly in contact with your customers. Engaging your employees helps to build an inclusive/welcoming team and an opportunity for your business to interact with the community and drive customers to your business.

For more information or questions in regards to sponsorship opportunities please contact:

David Lenz
Windsor-Essex Pride Fest
Office: 226-348-3378
Cell 519-995-3353