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Supporter Package

Dear community supporter,
Windsor-Essex Pride Fest (WEPF) have planned a number of events/initiatives that strengthen the sense of community and contribute to the vibrancy, health and overall well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and Two Spirit (LGBTIQ2S) community in Windsor-Essex.  WEPF provids social initiatives and activities as well as raise awareness of ongoing issues such as discrimination, bullying and others. In addition, proceeds benefit other local organizations which can be reviewed at
This year’s Pride Fest promises to be even more action-packed. Our five days of festivities start with our official flag raising ceremony at Windsor City Hall with local dignitaries, family bowling at Rose Bowl Lanes, Marketplace featuring over 4o merchant and food vendors including local artists, kid-friendly games, activities and entertainment, world-class DJs and entertainment and much more. Our annual Pride Fest Parade is a tradition that brings fun, style and levity to our downtown is always a crowd pleaser as together we work our way to the Riverfront Festival Plaza.
Windsor-Essex Pride Fest as an organization is more than just a festival, it empowers individuals to reach out to each other and facilitates opportunities for connection and belonging through age-specific activities or initiatives, peer-facilitated groups and special events and will address social isolation and create a social environment that is more accommodating, resilient and connected to the broader LGBTIQ2S community in Windsor-Essex. The lack of peer or social support, activities, gatherings or other connective resources in the community cause a form of social isolation that often escalates into a number of problems, including homelessness, depression, violence, suicidal ideation, etc.
We are a powerful statement of our regions commitment to equality and diversity as well as to strengthen the sense of community and contribute to the vibrancy, health and overall well-being of LGBTIQ2S people in Windsor-Essex. Your help ensures that this continues to be a number one priority for our community and your organization. Be bold, be proactive, our sponsorship package provides you with the opportunity to show your support for equality and diversity in our community. There are a number of options to choose from or discuss with us a custom package for your needs.
As a supporter, you support the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest and the organizations ongoing programs and initiatives in the community. With sponsorship also comes loyal brand recognition for your support which translates to business for you. A hallmark of LGBTIQ2S consumers is their loyalty to embrace those companies that reach out to make them feel valued. You will also be supporting equality and diversity in Windsor-Essex and gaining access to a loyal market.
We thank you for your consideration of our supporter request and we hope you will continue to support the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest and the LGBTIQ2S community in our region.
Order the official Windsor-Essex Pride Fest Poster and place it on your windows of your business or establishment. 

PRIDE FLAG (3’ X 5’) $15.00
Order a 3’ x 5’ rainbow pride flag and show your colours during the 25th annual Pride Fest Parade.

The Pride Fest Program” is a 5,000 piece publication distributed to attendees during the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest
□ Half Page Ad, size 5”width x 4”height ($225.00)      
□ 1/3 Page Ad size 5”width x 2.6”height($175.00)      
□ 1/4 Page Ad 2.5”width x 4”height ($125.00)      
□ 1/6 Page Ad: 2.5”width x 2.5”height ($100.00)

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