Joey Wright

Board Member Since then he has been involved in numerous events, sitting as a former Board member of Windsor Pride Community and former Chair of the Research and Education committee. If you recognize him it’s because he has been a vocal advocate and participant in local theatre and politics for many years. Currently working as […]

Ashton Baltzer

Board Member Ashtyn has been a volunteer with Windsor Essex Pride Fest since 2016. She is a hard-working and caring individual who will do anything to make you smile. Throughout high school, Ashtyn was a GSA member trying to make her school a safer and more accepting space for LGBTQ+ youth. When it comes to […]

Jonathan Levidis

Board Member Jonathan started as a vendor with a non-profit restaurant in 2011 and has ever since been with Windsor-Essex Pride Fest doing whatever it takes to make sure everything is going to plan and jumping in whenever needed. Jonathan is an outgoing caring person who accepts everyone as who they are and believes you […]

Sidney Wright

Board Member / Communications Sidney is the young blood of the board. She has been involved with the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest for the past 3 years behind the scenes. She has assisted with the Pride Fest parade and has sat as the youth chair on the board as well as social media coordinator. Sidney is […]

Wendi Nicholson

President Wendi has been actively involved with Windsor-Essex Pride Fest for 6 yrs. She has been the parade coordinator for the past 3 yrs and a board member for 4 years. Wendi’s primary goal is to bring happiness and joy to everyone around her. Wendi also coaches children for Windsor Soccer Club in her spare […]

Ginny Lundgren

Board Member Ginny has been involved with Windsor Pride for many years in many capacities. She has run the Pride Bowling Event for at least a dozen years. She loves this event for its focus on LGBT as well as the community at large. Ginny was on the board of Windsor Pride Community when it […]

Robert Vitella

Vice President In 2004 Robert was invited to join what was then simply the Pride Committee. Acclaimed as Chair, he saw an opportunity to reinvent the organization, thus Windsor Pride was born. Robert oversaw its legal incorporation and launched the process for eventual charitable registration. He rebranded the organization by directing a new logo and […]

David Lenz

Community Development / Treasurer David Lenz has been volunteering with the LGBT+ community for the last 16 years. In 2004, when the Pride Festival was canceled due to lack of funding, he along with Robert Vitella, Dani Bobb, Marc Dubois, and others reorganized the festival. David Lenz created and introduced the first sponsorship package for […]