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Mental Health

LGBTQ mental health must be understood in the context of historical and ongoing pathologization of LGBTQ identities. With the publication of the DSMIII-R in 1986 the American Psychiatric Association delisted homosexuality as a mental disorder and mental health associations repudiated attempts to change sexual orientation as psychologically damaging.
The World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders 1990. Despite this, significant stigma is still attached to same-sex attraction in many cultures, and trans people continue to be pathologized as having Gender Identity Disorder, which continues to be listed in the DSM as a diagnostic category.
what is mental health
The World Health Organization defines mental health as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” LGBTQ mental health is likewise shaped by a sense of self-worth, the level of stress to which people are subjected, and the inclusiveness of their workplaces and community culture.
mental health of lgbtq people
  • Large Canadian studies indicate that LGBTQ people are more likely than heterosexuals to report unmet mental health needs and were more likely to consult mental health practitioners.
  • Studies have found high rates of depression, anxiety, obsessive–compulsive and phobic disorders, suicidal thoughts and acts, self-harm, and alcohol and drug dependence among LGBTQ people.
  • LGBTQ people are one and almost twice as likely to experience childhood maltreatment, interpersonal violence, and personal loss and are at double the risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder as their heterosexual peers.
  • Meta-analysis studies found that sexual minority individuals were two and a half times more likely than heterosexuals to have attempted suicide and had a risk of depression and anxiety one and a half times higher than heterosexuals.
  • Sexual minority women were particularly at risk for substance-related disorders, while sexual minority men had a higher risk of suicide. 
  • LGBTQ youth have an increased risk of suicide, substance abuse, isolation and experiencing sexual abuse. A Canadian study estimated that the risk of suicide among LGBTQ youth is 14 times higher than for their heterosexual peers. A recent U.S. study of LGBTQ youth found that 10% of them met the criteria for post traumatic stress disorder and 15% met the criteria for major depression.
  • A large statistically representative study of trans people in Ontario found that 77% had seriously considered suicide, and 45% had attempted suicide. Trans youth were at greatest risk of suicidality, as were those who had experienced physical or sexual assault.

Information on this page provided by Rainbow Health Ontario.



1400 Windsor Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8X 3L9
Telephone: (519) 255-7440
Mission Statement
CMHA Windsor Essex is a lead provider and advocate of community mental health services. We achieve this through:
- Treatment
- Collaboration
- Education
- Community Engagement
- Vision Statement


Windsor Regional Hospital - Ouellette Campus
1030 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, 
Phone: 519-973-4435

The Community Crisis Centre is a partnership of area hospitals and social organizations committed to providing 24-hour crisis response services to residents of Windsor and Essex County who are experiencing serious mental illness and/or acute psychosocial problems.
A variety of services are provided to reach individuals in crisis, including a 24-hour crisis phone line, 24-hour walk-in service at the Emergency Department at Windsor Regional Hospital – Ouellette campus, a mobile crisis response team, follow-up crisis counseling and referrals, and suicide prevention education programs.


1770 Langlois Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N8X 4M5
Phone: 519-966-5010

Our professional counselling program offers individual, marital/couple, family and group counselling. Our counselling program advocates an emphasis on growth, development and the achievement of overall well-being and resilience. Our therapeutic counselling team has a broad range of clinical expertise covering a diverse span of issues including:
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Marital / Couple Counselling
- Elder Care / Caregiver Stress
- Grief / Loss
- Physical or Sexual Abuse Recovery
- Re-settlement Adjustment
- Self-Esteem Revitalization
- Stress Management
- Addictions Referral
- Coping with Illness or Injury
- Family Issues / Family of Origin Issues
- Parenting Concerns
- Personal Concerns
- Retirement Issues
- Separation / Divorce Issues
- Trauma Recover
- LGBT related issues


3320 College Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N9C 0E1
Phone: 519-258-6002
Sandwich Community Health offers free, confidential general counselling to individuals aged five and up. Counselling is limited to 12 sessions and is a collaborated process that is focused on increasing the wellbeing of our clients. Family and couples counselling is also available at our site.
To find out if you are eligible for our counselling services, please contact (519) 258-6002 ext 222 to speak with the intake counsellor. 
WE CHC Sandwich Community Health counsellors can assist you in the following areas:
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Work Related Stress
- Grief
- Family Conflict
- Self-Harm
- Suicidal Thoughts
- Coping with chronic illness or diagnosis of chronic illness
- Caregiver Stress
- Traumatic Life Events
- Assistance with forms


1361 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N8X 1J6
Windsor Essex Community Health Centre, Teen Health Site provides Primary Care and Mental Health/Counselling (individual and group) for youth between the ages of 12-24 years. These services include support and treatment for youth and their family afflicted with an Eating Disorder or Substance Abuse as well as programs to support parents and guardians of youth. Pre and post natal groups are also available to young moms.