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Windsor-Essex Pride Fest, What This Means For Us

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Windsor-Essex has stood up for decades grasping every aspect of the word “acceptance” and contributing to the health and well-being of persons in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited and Queer (LGBTTQ ) community and supporters of Windsor-Essex and surrounding communities. This year’s events will not only comprise of the Flag Raising, live shows, charitable events and 24th Annual Pride Parade, Windsor-Essex continuously strives to be a city that cherishes each and every member of our communities.

These events continue to grow every year, gathering more and more members of the community where their core values place emphasis on the value and dignity of everyone,and “seeing people for who they are as a whole instead of assigning labels. In our view, how one self-identifies their own sexuality is simply one of the many countless qualities that define each and every human being.” – Pride Fest Windsor-Essex.

Many youth within Windsor-Essex are a part of the LGBTTQ community, not only as members, but family and friends, supporters, teachers and co-workers. Within high schools, grade schools or anywhere you can think of. People are assigning labels depending on how a person acts, dresses or even their likes and dislikes. People are quick to judge people they know nothing about but believe they know everything by just their outer appearance; this is how stereotypical bullying occurs behind closed doors towards the LGBTTQ community.

As the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest draws closer, we have the opportunity to stand together, strong and define, and be the community that we are; supportive. So many youth struggle with the need to fit in, with how they are looked upon as different, and as they feel they are not accepted. This event not only brings the community together, but also reaches out to the youth to be strong and help them feel known to the help and support that surrounds them.

No person deserves to be judged, no matter what the circumstances may be. The Windsor-Essex Pride Fest strives to defuse strictly this from our communities and provide a safe and supportive city. As an 18 year old college student, who believes everyone should be able to be their own person and be accepted no matter what differences we may have from each other, I stand strong with the LGBTTQ community; as a friend, as a supporter of their lifestyle, as an encouragement to be who they want to be regardless of what may be said.

Please show your support by signing this petition to implement pride flags in the WECDSB school system.